A Passion for Living

by Alexander Stobbs

A talented pianist and organist who is also battling with cystic fibrosis, Alex survives with the help of a massive daily cocktail of drugs, injections and intense physiotherapy.  An inspirational Channel 4 documentary followed his progress as, between frequent hospital stays, this remarkable teenager prepared and went on to successfully conduct the Bach Magnificat.  Now doing his ‘A’ Levels, his new challenge is the St Matthew Passion and this is his poignant and captivating diary as he moves towards his goal, living each day to the full and experiencing a life that most can only dream of.

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From A Passion for Living:

I’ve loved music since I was very small. Not just because of the beauty of the sounds, but because it gives me a kind of freedom. When I’m playing a piece of Chopin, or singing with the choir, I’m not the guy with CF, and everything seems a lot simpler. I spend a lot of my life – more than I like to think about – taking drugs or having treatments. I’m hooked up to machines or being poked, prodded and pummelled every day. So to escape from it all into an incredible piece of music is a truly harmonious way of putting the ogre of CF to one side and getting on with normal living.

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